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    Citaat Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Susa Bekijk Berichten

    Daley Blind woehoe....
    Ik proef wat cynisme.

    Kan gebeuren natuurlijk. Persoonlijk vind ik Blind een uitstekende voetballer en volgens mij van de nog actieve internationals degene met de meeste interlands (en meer dan ene Willem van H). Heeft 139 wedstrijden in het eerste van Man U gespeeld en 149 in het eerste van Ajax en is nog maar net 28. Blind heeft fysiek zijn beperkingen (druk ik me mild uit) maar is een modelprof en technisch en tactisch m.i. wereldtop.

    Ook leuk:
    Laatst gewijzigd door Atreides; 12-07-18 om 10:36.

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    Een beetje zoals Hazard, de Bruyne en Modric dus. Alleen dan beperkt.

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    Citaat Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door zwammy Bekijk Berichten
    Een beetje zoals Hazard, de Bruyne en Modric dus. Alleen dan beperkt.
    Als we Hazard, de Bruyne en Modric als verdediger zouden opstellen wel ja.

    Voor de positie van Hazard en De Bruyne komt Blind duidelijk tekort, zelfs op het niveau van Ajax.

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    Citaat Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Atreides Bekijk Berichten
    Als we Hazard, de Bruyne en Modric als verdediger zouden opstellen wel ja.
    En hun veters aan elkaar.

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    Heb je ook iets recenter dan artikelen van 4 jaar geleden?
    Je hoeft hier niet te komen.

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    Citaat Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Janssen Bekijk Berichten
    Heb je ook iets recenter dan artikelen van 4 jaar geleden?

    Standing at five-foot-eleven, Daley Blind is hardly short but his style of play and less robust frame has often led onlookers to assume he is a far more petite player: too small to be a centre-back, anyway.

    Yet the Dutchman, who has signed as a utility man to play in defensive midfield and out on the left two summers ago, has emerged as not only a solid, short-term fix next to Chris Smalling this season at the back for Manchester United but as a central defender adept enough to stare down the best that the Premier League has to offer.

    His strengths aren’t usually the type of attributes cherished by fans of the English game to guard their goal area, however. For a start, Blind is not physically strong. Unlike so many of the other enforcers who prowl the backlines of the league, deterring would-be attackers from darting into space and hauling them to the ground or out of the danger zone if they do dare to trespass across the final third, he isn’t able to bully his opponents. He isn’t imposing, neither in stature nor attitude.
    Daley Blind has made as many defensive errors in the Premier League this season (3) as Marcos Rojo last season.

    Daley Blind has made more defensive errors (3) than any United player in the Premier League this season, the same tally run up by Marcos Rojo last year.

    Blind’s lack of staying power and aggression originally saw him caught out when thrown up against centre-forwards such as Bafetimbi Gomis and Graziano Pelle, who were able to roll him, almost effortlessly, to get goal side and leave the Dutchman flattened out in their wake. The sight of United’s stop-gap centre-back being paired off against traditional No. 9-type strikers was once wince-inducing.

    Romelu Lukaku has all the qualities of exactly that type of forward and more. The Belgian has good feet, excellent movement and an ever-improving sense of timing. He doesn’t just bulldoze in without thought, as suggested by the regular caricatures used to paint him as a blunt instrument up front for Everton. At 22, he has already begun to show a greater appreciation of his craft than many of the older heads in his position, and should have been another attacker capable of tormenting Blind.

    Instead, it was Lukaku who came off worse in their duels as United ran out 1-0 winners in the Toffeemen’s latest visit to Old Trafford, and not because their makeshift Dutch central defender had been putting in extra hours in the gym.

    Daley Blind's game by numbers vs Everton:

    100% aerial duels won
    3 interceptions
    3 blocks
    2 clearances
    2 tackles won

    — Squawka Football (@Squawka) April 3, 2016

    Blind’s weaknesses are still very much self-evident. He still lacks speed. At 26, he’s as strong as he’s ever likely to be and yet remains vulnerable to being out-muscled. Too slow, too sleight, there were moments where Lukaku looked as if he might be able to turn him but he never quite managed it.

    Interestingly, when Blind was taken off right at the end of the game after picking up a knock, with Timothy Fosu-Mensah coming in play at centre-back and Antonio Valencia arriving off the bench to go to right-back, the Belgian reacted by heading toward the Ecuadorian. He had been purposefully targeting Blind and now wanted to identify a new weak link to lean on. The converted winger, turned full-back fit the bill, just as Blind did.

    However, the subject of the striker’s attentions did not implode under the pressure. In fact, he almost appeared comfortable with the situation. Blind expected Lukaku to spend the game trying to dominate him as his gate into facing David De Gea, one-on-one, and it was this self-awareness of what his opponent wanted to do and how to play with the margins that gave him an edge.

    The Dutchman has learned to manage his flaws and tweak his approach so to accentuate his strengths and, to some extent, use the expectations of strikers against them. He goes into what might otherwise be dangerous situations with his eyes wide open to make his superior technique and tactical intelligence make up for his athletic deficiencies: playing with smarts, not playing with power. His speed and strength is in his head and his feet. Previously, Blind has been looked upon almost as a luxury defender by his detractors.

    Yes, he was good for a nice, pretty ball fired out from the back to a waiting team mate in a more advanced position, but it wasn’t worth the defensive frailties that came with it. But against Everton, he was able to almost play cat and mouse, letting Lukaku see just enough to go in for the kill only for Blind to spin away, impishly snatching away the ball with a well-timed foot or using some other subtle trickery to shepard his rival to a side he’d prefer to take him.

    It was defending in the style of a counter-puncher in boxing, encouraging the other fighter to commit and over-extend only to hand them smoke and mirrors and shadows before slicing through the chaos with anticipation, speed and skill and then disappearing out of range.
    Daley Blind completed 83% of his passes against Everton.

    Daley Blind completed 83% of his passes against Everton.

    It’s a cleverness that also saw the defender cow Sergio Aguero from centre-back in United’s Premier League encounter prior to their Everton victory in a 1-0 win over Manchester City. At five-foot-eight, the Argentinian is hardly a powerhouse but with stocky, big-legged frame he is a far more physically threatening attacker than he is often perceived to be: an intimidatingly explosive handful often too good for the best defenders in Europe, let alone the Premier League.

    However, he too was managed and kept at arms length by the ever-diligent Dutchman. While most footballers may slump down in the dressing room after a game nursing their knocks and bruises, Blind must rush off to stick his head in an ice bucket such is heat his attention span and constant computations must built up in his brain.
    Aguero and Lukaku have struggled to beat Blind of late. Kane and Vardy await in the weeks ahead.

    Aguero and Lukaku have struggled to beat Blind of late. Kane and Vardy await in the weeks ahead.

    Of course, he still can’t achieve these individual victories by himself. Football is obviously a team sport but that is never more true than in defence. A back three, four or five depending on who you wish to include has to function as a solid and well-drilled unit. Organisation and cooperation is key, and Blind’s growing chemistry with Chris Smalling has been vital in his improvements as a centre-back, as well as the complementary cover of United’s full-backs. Against Everton, Fosu-Mensah and Matteo Darmian were also impressively switched on in their defensive duties.

    Even so, Blind’s future remains uncertain. Injuries and inconsistency — not necessarily to the player himself but to the support network around him — will likely cause him to suffer a few more bad games here and there, and surely United would prefer to purchase a proven, top-level, left-footed defender to partner with Smalling, long-term.

    Although it is a harsh assessment of the Dutchman given his improvements, he remains a utility player filling in at a position that the transfer market failed to provide for. It seems unlikely that a manager such as Jose Mourinho would persist with him. For all his sharpness of mind and crispness on the ball, Blind is no Ricardo Carvalho or Raphael Varane.
    Despite playing fewer games, it is Blind who has made the most passes for United this season, rather than Juan Mata. He is their hub for recycling possession and creativity at the back.

    Despite playing fewer games, it is Blind who has made the most passes for United this season, rather than Juan Mata. He is their hub for recycling possession and creativity at the back.

    That shouldn’t take anything away from the technical supremacy that he has been able to achieve up against the Premier League’s most feared forwards, however, but like his own realisation of the parameters by which he can remain safe in a battle of wits with an attacker, there are limits.

    If United are to retake their former position as title-winners and Champions League contenders they will need a ball-playing defender worthy of that ambition. In the meantime, they’ve got Blind and he might just have enough about himself at the back to help take his team back up into the top four this season, or as close as they can get should the form of their rivals hold firm.
    Daniel Lee takes a look at the importance of Daley Blind, Manchester United’s silent catalyst.


    Watching Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford and Zlatan Ibrahimović roam around the Old Trafford pitch during Manchester United’s four-goal, first-half destruction of the reigning Premier League champions it was tempting to conclude that this was the most satisfying United result of the post-Ferguson era.

    Though, even with that influx of mesmeric attacking talent on the pitch, haply the most contributory figure on the pitch was a player whose excellence often tends to go unnoticed.

    Daley Blind ; United’s cool head at the back. A player who puts out the fires that you didn’t even know had started. An evolved centre-back with a magic wand of a left-foot. A saunterer, not a sprinter. Oh, and then there’s that hair, the trademark Daley Blind hair. The kind of hair that looks impossibly perfect after long flights.

    Because Blind isn’t necessarily a highlight-reel player, he seems destined to be forever disregarded and overlooked. It’s highly improbable you’ll find any of his best moments of brilliance captured in some grainy gif or vine, scattered across the social media sphere.

    It seems intriguing to think that mere months ago Daley Blind faced a doom-laden United future, without a kick of a ball, his short-lived spell in Manchester was seemingly heading towards an untimely end, following the arrival of Mr. Mourinho. But, the Dutchman has enjoyed a fine start to life under the new manager and all is “going great” if his words are anything to go by.

    If the majority of people disfavour Blind, those who have experienced working with him are not among them. They commend him, going one step further – they value him.

    “He deserves more plaudits and I think he will get them if he carries on playing the way he is playing. Everyone is standing up and taking note that Daley is one of the mainstays of this team and he is keeping us ticking,” said his teammate Chris Smalling, in April.

    As Smalling puts it, Blind keeps United ticking. He is the puppet master of this United side, because with great hair comes even great responsibility; moving his teammates around the pitch from the heart of the defence, penetrating defensive lines and launching attacks from deep. The more you watch Blind, the more he impresses. And, only now are his exploits truly being recognized.
    SOLNA, SWEDEN - SEPTEMBER 06: Daley Blind of Netherlands and Marcus Rohdn of Sweden competes for the ball during the FIFA World Cup Qualifier between Sweden and Netherlands at Friends arena on September 6, 2016 in Solna, Sweden. (Photo by Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello/Getty Images)

    Daley Blind of Netherlands and Marcus Rohdn of Sweden compete for the ball during the FIFA World Cup Qualifier between Sweden and Netherlands. (Photo by Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello/Getty Images)

    But, what his most vociferous cynics and disparagers forget, is that Daley Blind is no Robert Huth or Ryan Shawcross, he is a component of a rare breed of centre-back; the playmaking centre-back – the focus of all creativity in the side. A player who puts the emphasis on aesthetic, as opposed to athletic. Bucking the trend, he’s marked a shift away from the traditional robust, no-nonsense English centre-back. Dispelling any theories that a centre-back’s sole purpose was to steamroll the opposing striker.

    Last Saturday, Blind was involved in three of his side’s four. The first – an inch-perfect cross, an outswinger, from a corner, found Chris Smalling at the back post, who neatly nodded home. The second was a goal that perfectly encapsulates his supreme footballing acumen. Instead of whipping in another one of his inviting balls, Blind decided to play a low-ball into the feet of the deft Juan Mata, who flashed the ball across the face of goal for Marcus Rashford to pound in to the roof of the net from close-range. The third was seemingly another routine worked straight off the Aon Carrington training complex. A cross fired into Pogba, who rose highest, to direct a bullet header past a helpless Robert Zieler.

    Leicester’s unspeakable defending played a hand – but Blind’s contribution was obvious, actually, perhaps a better adjective to describe his performance would be discounted, on the grounds that despite Blind’s display, a performance of great industry and productivity, Blind wasn’t even considered for the official man-of-the-match reward. The award is quite usually deceptive, but to not even be regarded as a nominee was quite extraordinary, but in the case of Blind, expected.
    NORTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 21: Alex Revell of Northampton Town and Daley Blind of Manchester United in action during the EFL Cup Third Round match between Northampton Town and Manchester United at Sixfields on September 21, 2016 in Northampton, England. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

    Alex Revell of Northampton Town and Daley Blind of Manchester United in action during the EFL Cup Third Round match. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

    Blind completed four tackles – the most out of any United player, but it’s unlikely you can recollect the majority of them. Along with Paul Pogba, Blind also created the most chances. Lurking closely to Riyad Mahrez, the PFA player’s player of the year was kept quiet, subsequently being hauled off at half-time. Mahrez was informed of his fate within the first 60 seconds of the game. Blind dug the ball out from beneath Mahrez’s feet as the Algerian attempted to dribble past him. The markers were laid down.

    Aged 26, it only feels like yesterday when Daley Blind famously fired that mouth-watering diagonal ball to assist Robin van Persie in scoring the goal now recognised as ‘The Flying Dutchman’. Steadily maturing, developing, progressing, though, it has hindered him slightly, having to take such a substantial period of time to realize his position, to cement his place, but that’s taking nothing away from the player he is today.

    At United he is the smooth central cog in the machine, you may not think it, but he is. Only Marouane Fellaini and Pogba have completed more passes for the side, only Antonio Valencia and Fellaini have completed more tackles. Like a housekeeper, he’s constantly cleaning the mess and picking up the pieces left behind.

    In a team of full flashy toys, Daley Blind is the Lego. Few toy brands are as underappreciated but as consistent as Lego. Precision-made, machine-made, accurate to the millimetre. Daley Blind; the guy often overlooked and uncredited but silently playing the catalysing role for Manchester United.

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    Volgens mij kennen we Daley Blind toch allemaal wel? Maar als centrumverdediger vind ik hem vrij traag, ik had hem liever als 6 erbij gehad.

  8. #2148
    2016 is recent, oke dan. Laat ook maar. Je weet wel dat hij het hele afgelopen seizoen op de bank gezeten heeft neem ik aan.
    Je hoeft hier niet te komen.

  9. #2149
    Waarom gaat zo'n internationale topspeler terug naar de Nederlandse competitie ?

  10. #2150
    Citaat Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Susa Bekijk Berichten
    Waarom gaat zo'n internationale topspeler terug naar de Nederlandse competitie ?
    Hij gelooft in het project.
    Je hoeft hier niet te komen.

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